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Larry says:

There are a few things that I want to note before we begin on the scripture, I believe that we have to have an understand just what prompted God to be so dissatisfied with the Jewish people that He would wipe out the Jewish nation and scatter the people over the rest of the world; and why He would bring the Jewish people back to the newly formed nation of Israel in 1948.

So I have spent a good deal of time and effort to show the history of the relationship between the Jewish people and their God, and how from the very beginning, when the Jewish people left Egypt, right up to the last kings of Israel, for the most part, the Jewish people were not faithful to their God. And therefore faced the punishment of God for this unfaithfulness; just as we in the United States currently are not faithful to God, and will face His future punishment.

After we have learned about the whys of Gods punishment of the Jewish people, then you will learn when God planed for this punishment to be completed; and how this date is incredibly tied to 1948.

The next section is about the life and times of Jesus and is titled, “The Middle”. It includes many of the parables that Jesus used during His life on earth, and what is the meaning is of the parables He used.

The last section is titled “The End”, in it I will use scripture to predict what could happen in our future.

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